• Suzette

    My name is Suzette and have been training with Inge for many years

    At the end of last year 2018 Inge had a workshop on Health and losing weight.

    It's interesting the problems with your health are associated with weight gain. The food intake is a big part of putting weight on and when you eat it. I wanted to try and loss some weight as I had gained weight over a 16 year period. In this time my blood pressure was rising, I had reflux, my cholesterol was also rising and type two diabetes starting to be a problem. Inheritance from my Mum was a concern as she had heart bi passes and also a new metal aorta. I needed to be mindful of what I could inherit. Loosing weight had been very hard for me in the past.

    There were times I was disillusioned as no weight was being lost or the weight went up but Inge would reassure that it was ok. What was surprising with this program was that I wasn't hungry and didn't crave for anything over the time. It probably helped with having the protein snacks which are chocolate coated!

    I have had 3 cycles of the program and have lost 14 kilos. During this I would visit her twice a week and she would give me much encouragement and help with the weight loss program and exercises. I have had a number of injuries over many years which makes Inge's job a little challenging, but she is always able to work around these issues for me.

    This program has enlightened me of the quantity of food I eat and what I was able to survive on and was able to lose some weight. It does take a little bit of an effort of weighing and measuring of food but now I can gauge the quantities now.
    The support from Inge is still ongoing as when you have arrived at the weight you would like to stay at you go into a maintenance mode. If you do gain a little weight you now know how to bring the weight down.

    My GP is very pleased with my last blood test as my sugar levels are reduced to within normal range, I have gone off reflux medication and my cholesterol is now also good. Blood pressure has also fallen but still on a small dose of medication. I am feeling really great and able to get around much easier with losing the weight.

    Going shopping has been exciting to see that I can fit into a size 14 jeans and 16 top coming down from 18-20 size clothes.

  • Cathryn

    My name is Cathryn and I have been training with Inge for 5 years. I would like to share my weight loss and fitness experience with you.

    I had been complaining to Inge regarding my muscle wastage, gut issues with the likes of bloating, constipation and reaction to certain foods, plus the fact that I couldn't lose weight no matter how little I ate. Inge initiated her weight loss program with me. Although sceptical at first this way of eating and exercising allowed me to lose 7 kgs in 8 weeks which has transformed my stomach problems. I am still working on muscle gain.

    It has not been without its ups and downs. However, I can say that I was never really hungry. I am a vegetarian so it proved a little more difficult to eat the required amount of protein needed. But it can be done.

    It made me realise just how much fruit and bread I was eating. It was also frustrating when you were so diligent with food intake but plateaued and remained the same weight for long periods. However with encouragement from Inge, who consistently measured me, the difference was that I had dropped two dress sizes.

    The program is quite easy to follow once you get into the routine and become familiar with food quantities. My protein sources are fish and cheese but for meat eaters it can be quite varied.

    I am on the maintenance part of this program now, I feel so much stronger and healthier currently.

  • Lauren

    My mum and I have been training with Inge for over 10 years and we love it! We wouldn’t go to any other PT. Not only is Inge a great trainer but she’s also a wonderful person. It’s always challenging but fun! Inge also always makes appropriate modifications if an exercise doesn’t suit or isn’t quite right due to injuries, bodies etc, which makes you feel very comfortable.