• One On One Personal Training Session

    All instructors are available for one on one private sessions, small groups sessions, retreats and workshops. in studio, live-stream or home visits.

    Working together with one of our experienced instructors will help you optimise your physical and mental performance to help you feel good, look great and achieve your goals so that you are ready to jump in and do whatever you want whenever you want, while gaining a greater understanding of your own body.

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  • Pilates

    Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the whole body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core as well as improving coordination, balance and posture.

    Exercises are easily modified in a Pilates class to adjust the difficulty of each exercise, and meet the needs of each student, ranging from beginner to advanced participants.

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  • Functional Strength classes

    Functional strength training focuses on exercising several muscles and joints together rather than working a particular muscle or group of muscles independently.

    The positive result is mindful movement, improved strength, greater flexibility and the ability to be able to perform daily activities with greater ease.

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  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a fluid and dynamic style of Yoga that increases circulation, warms the body and provides a moderate cardiovascular challenge.

    Breath dictates the movement and the length of time held in the postures. The 'Surya Namaskar , commonly known as 'Sun Salutation' sequence is often practiced as a warm up in general Hatha Yoga classes. Here it is performed throughout a Vinyasa class in combination with a variety of asanas. Classes will strengthen and lengthen the entire body, promote internal health and cleansing by detoxifying your body.

    Vinyasa practice will increase mental focus whilst aiming to calm and relax the mind.

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  • AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness

    AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness. Get out of the box! Elevate your workout, burn calories and raise your mood! Utilizing the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock to gain leverage and move freely in all dimensions of open space, classes are designed to be safe, challenging and entertaining. All participants learn to flip and do inversions in their first class!

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  • AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga

    AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga utilizes the hammock to gently restore and repair the muscular structure and nervous systems of the body. By floating the body through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, the entire spine is deeply opened and synovial fluid is released into the joints, hydrating the cartilage that cushions them.

    This technique features full body inversions, alongside various forms of flowing spinal traction. It offers accessibility to students with physical limitations, but is loved by all as a portal into deeper spinal flexibility, and mind/body connection. This technique is both beneficial in the prevention and rehabilitation of injury.

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