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Inge Sildnik

Certificate IV Master Trainer
Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor, Certified level 5 AntiGravity/Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Suspension Fitness, Restorative and AIRbarre Instructor, Diploma in Sports Therapies and a Bachelor of Arts – Dance (as well as a Certified Stunt Performer with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and British Equity)

Inge has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years working as a Health and Fitness coach in many areas such as personal training, rehabilitation, Pilates, Yoga and Aerial fitness.

Inge has worked with the general population to achieve and maintain health goals as well as sports teams and athletes. She has a passion for performing and extreme sport and adventure and her work has taken her throughout Australia and overseas.

Inge has been involved in performing arts all her life and began her professional career as a contemporary dancer. She was drawn to action and excitement and moved into the film and television industry as a stunt actress, alongside her health and fitness coaching.

As a stunt actress, Inge has worked on many international films like Transformers 5, Pacific Rim, Gods of Egypt, Mad Max-Fury Road, The Great Gatsby, as well as Australia’s best known and loved television shows, such as A Place to Call Home, Home and Away, Winter and many more.

Tanya Savva

Tanya brings a wealth of biomechanics knowledge with 15 years’ experience in the health industry as an Occupational Therapist. She went on to study a Diploma in Remedial massage in 2011 and has spent the past 5 years working as a sports massage therapist for three NRL teams, as well as treating and managing clients with severe injuries. As a dancer of 21 years and a lover of movement, Tanya initially used yoga as a form of physical exercise parallel to her classical dance training, starting over 23 years ago.

After becoming a solo parent to her daughter in 2010, she returned to yoga to find space, create stillness and peace of mind in her life, and to embrace the present moment with a loving and receptive heart. It was an unfathomable dream to become a yoga teacher, and this dream was fulfilled in 2016 when she completed 350+ Hr Diploma of Yoga Teaching (accredited by Yoga Australia). Finding light in the dark, she continues her personal practice on and off the mat, to find and serve her highest purpose in life.

Tanya has a passion and interest in professional and personal development. She has embarked on a profound spiritual journey and continues to seek light through life’s twists and turns. She completed Level 1 Reiki training in October 2016 and became a certified Yin Yoga practitioner in March 2017. She is a lover of yogic philosophy, sound and vibration therapy, nutrition, and enjoys bringing meditation and mindfulness into her classes. Her classes really encourage you to look within, to accept and take responsibility for yourself, and support you to marry your physical movement with conscious breathing.

Louise Ball

B.Ec. (Social Sciences) (Sydney University), Cert. IV Pilates Professional Matwork Instruction (Pilates International Training Centre)

Louise commenced pilates in her teens, to complement her Royal Academy of Dancing ballet training regime. She continued classes throughout university and her corporate working years in Australia and the USA, with Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Commonwealth Bank.

Louise found pilates to be the perfect stand-alone exercise form as well as a wonderful compliment to many activities including running, skiing, horse riding, cycling, yoga and gym workouts. She also found it to be the perfect tool to safely recover from injury and prevent injury recurrence.

After the birth of her second child, Louise decided to leave the corporate world and professionally pursue her passion for pilates. She completed her formal qualifications with Pilates International, Pymble, and set up her own studio, Natural Strength Pilates. Louise continued teaching throughout her pregnancies and early years of her third and fourth children. Once her first child started school, Louise also began working as a primary school gymnastics coach.

From March 2017 Louise is excited to be adding to her calendar, regular classes with Eliit Therapies and Body Balance Studio. She looks forward to bringing fun and friendly classes, in a lovely brand new Galston studio, to the local community.

Diana Williams

Yoga has changed my life! I used to be a stressed out, sleep deprived executive corporate manager who worked long hours every week. Thankfully I found AntiGravity Yoga and everything changed, for the better. I had found something that was fun and even though I wasn’t able to perfectly perform the poses at first I felt as if I had joined a group who were trying their best and having fun while reaping health benefits.

Over time I improved my practise and my body started to respond to the stretches and strength that was needed. I started practising the breathing exercises during the day, especially when driving in heavy traffic. I even started doing mat classes and different types of yoga. I was a convert and loved it! I have now also trained in AntiGravity Pilates, AirBarre and Suspension Fitness.

Everything people had said about yoga started to make sense and I became addicted. So much so that I wanted to share this with others and so am now a qualified teacher. I hope that I will inspire others to realise their inner strength, connect to their breath, learn to listen to their bodies and find harmony and calmness, which can be transferred into to their everyday life.

Come and have a go, you may be surprised at how much you can do and I bet you'll love it as much as I do!

Maria Jaackson

Maria started practicing yoga 20 years ago while she was a full-time mum with two young children and was immediately blown away by how good a workout it was!

As her family lived around the world she has maintained a regular practice in different countries.

In 2011 she completed her teacher training and has taught continually since then. Her classes cater to the beginner as well as the more advanced yogi. Maria believes yoga is excellent for building muscle strength and flexibility but unique in its ability to provide mental clarity.

On top of all that, it is completely accessible to everyone, young and old… she believes there are no limitations to anyone starting a regular yoga practice. Now in her mid 50’s, Maria has a deep respect for the practice and knows that yoga will continue to play an important role in her life. She hopes to share this enthusiasm with all her students.

Her motto is to focus on what you can do in class and to enjoy the process so that you will keep coming back.

Dominic Lo

Dominic brings a combination of Eastern and Western training and movement therapy principles to the mat with a background in the Japanese martial art of Aikido as well as a Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Although starting out with Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga in his earlier years, Dominic now specialises in Japanese and Yin styles. His classes are grounding and meditative in nature, encouraging the student to slow down to develop awareness and learn from the teacher within.

Dominic utilises subtle adjustments based on years of massage and bodywork to help you access your own body to be happier and healthier.

Emma Corbett

Emma Corbett, better known by her stage name Suzie Q is a pole dancer, aerialist and acrobat.

A former member of the Aerobics Oz Style team, she holds her Certs III and IV in Fitness as well as being qualified in Purna, Rocket and Yin Yoga. She has been a guest presenter at the Byron Yoga Festival, Leisure Week in Birmingham, IDEA in LA and Filex in Sydney.

A former finalist on Australia's Got Talent she is the winner of the Pairs Division of the Australian Pole Championships (2017).

She loves human movement and believes you should move your body in every way, every day. Her first book "The Stripper Next Door" is due out in February 2018.

Green Park

Green moved to Sydney in 2013 to settle down with her partner. She was struggling to adjust to her new environment and went through a period of depression. During this time she was neglecting her health, became overweight, and was having issues with her relationships. She decided that she needs to make a change and was searching for something she can enjoy. This is when she remembered that at one point she really enjoyed practicing yoga.

She started to take classes at a local yoga studio and instantly fell in love with the Vinyasa yoga practice. As Green used to be an urban dancer during her high school years and currently practices breakdance, she interprets Vinyasa yoga as a creative flow of movement.

Green believes yoga has the power to change people's lives as she personally experienced dramatic improvement on her health and relationships as a result of her practice. She also practices meditation and breathing techniques every day and is very passionate to learn more about philosophy and the human body.

Green’s teaching style is very energetic and focusing on each students’ body alignment. She loves to do hands-on assists to guide students to experience a deeper connection with their body and mind.

Michelle Chan

Michelle turned to yoga because of tense and painful muscles from poor posture and yoga helped to relief stress and tension.

Michelle is a fun loving teaching who was trained in London, UK and believes in the all rounded holistic approach of yoga where it begins with the physical exercise then filters through into an inner transformation.

Her classes are unique and adjusted to suit her students in each class as she has a sensitive approach to understand her student’s needs. She also prides in seeing her students improve and reap the benefits of yoga in their daily lives.

Michelle is also an acupuncturist trained in London, UK and compliments movement of yoga with balancing whole body system with Chinese medicine theories such as herbal remedies and needling as it can be helpful for a wide range of physical and emotional issues.