Yin + Reiki Workshop


Yin + Reiki with Tanya Savva and Jim Pini

The peak of each season can shift the energy body into an unbalanced state, losing a sense of connection to the things that bring you joy. Yin Yoga allows energy to flow through the body to create balance and harmony. In this workshop you’ll be guided through a slow and gentle yin practice that focuses on the chakra energy system to help restore a state of inner bliss. Combined with the ancient practice of reiki you’ll leave feeling deeply connected, restful and balanced.

(Reiki is a Japanese healing modality for stress reduction and relaxation. It is an exchange of universal energy that can help to release stagnant energy and unblock emotional and physical tension in the body creating space and harmony within).

2.5 hours

What to expect:

  • Yin yoga practice (suitable for every body) to create space in the body
  • Additional reiki energy healing throughout the practice by certified Reiki healer and yoga teacher, Jim Pini
  • Pure relaxation and a journey to a blissful and balanced state of being
  • Energy and Chakra education
  • Journaling and discussion
  • Cleansing herbal tea

What to bring:

  • A journal and pen
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • Your favourite pillow or bolster


  • Saturday 22nd February 4:30pm-7pm


  • Eliit Therapies


  • $59

Bookings: MINDBODY,, 0455455398,


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