intenshen essential oil workshop


Plants to purify & protect

Life is so crazy fast these days and it is very easy to experience & absorb negativity.

These energetic vibrations express themselves as negative thoughts, imbalanced emotions and pain.

The 2 most important practices that we have forgotten and rarely have the time to do is: Protect & Purify ourselves from these low vibrations.

Come along & learn about the powers of using Essential Oils. This short workshop will be beneficial for people who want to live a life with positive intentions for health & happiness.

Each person will have the opportunity to create their own spritzer to use for protection & purification. We will also cover all the basic energetic profiles of common plants and how to best use these in your daily life.

All ages welcome.


Hosted by Kelly Phoenix Rose @ Eliit Therapies in Galston

Tickets: $39 0455 455 398

Bookings Essential ~ NO walk ins.

Sunday 9th Feb 10am-12pm

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